Sneak thief…

Baseball has been the main focus of the lives of our 2 younger boys for several months. This weekend, the final tournament was played. Okay, maybe it was the final tournament. There is some talk of playing one more in late July, so there are more practices to be had.. but this week, the son that would play in those games is at Boy Scout camp, so we are off the hook.

E - man at the bat...
E - man at the bat...

E is the middle boy, and at 12 is a fine player. He may not hit the farthest, or pitch the best, but he plays all positions well. He is dependable, and gets the job done. He also gets strategy. So he might be sent out with the instructions to swing at the first pitch, which gets everyone distracted and the runner on first can steal. He almost always got on base, and once on base, he would steal his way around into scoring position.

E-man going for it...
E-man going for it...

And sometimes, he would even steal home…

E-man stealing home
E-man stealing home

He had a very fine season, and we are proud.


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