A while ago I posted about some sweaters that had been motheaten… so I felted them in the wash. And now, in preparation for the move, I am trying to finish making stuff with the resulting felted material.

This was a lovely J Crew Sweater that I scored at the thrift shop. It was a style that was meant to leave the mid-drift exposed, so it was a bit short lengthwise, but so lovely and warm, and I loved the charcoal color.


Until the moths got to it. I would probably have still worn it, but these days, I need coverage of the tummy area. Even though I would wear a shirt underneath the sweater, I need to crunches to keep from looking ridiculous. So it was time for felting.

This shot shows the true color better...
This shot shows the true color better...

I had hoped to make it into a vest for the youngest, but because of the cropped nature of the sweater to start with, it was much too short. So, I made a bag for myself.

I removed the sleeves.
I removed the sleeves.

Once the sleeves were removed, I made a bag using the basic “paper bag” technique to give square corners. There is a good tutorial here. I dug through the button collection and found some silver buttons from my Nana’s box. And this is what I have at this point.


Truer color.... a dark charcoal.
Truer color.... a dark charcoal.

Now to figure out some handles. Hmmmm…


One thought on “Recycling….

  1. What a great idea to give that piece a second life, and it looks great too. You’ll have to let us know what you decide about handles.

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