Much Ado about Squash….

I love yellow squash, pattypan, zuchinni, roly poly.. all squash, I love. And in a normal year, I would have planted a garden full of it.

But this summer, the garden has not been planted due to the house business. Which is fine, because neighbors who have squash keep brining it by, and we are happy to take it.

Well, I am happy to take it, and the man about the place is as well. But the three boys roll their eyes. They will eat a tiny serving, but it is clearly not their favorite vegetable. Even the eldest, who will generally eat anything and everything.

So what to do?

This basket was overflowing with squash – lovely, organic, yellow squashes of all kinds.

IMG_0289The middle son likes to cook, so I said to him.. .I wonder what would happen if we made carrot cake and zuchinni bread, but used yellow squash instead?

He was game to try.. so he shredded a food processor bowl full of squash.

IMG_0290This amount of squash made 2 loaves of zuchinni bread, using the Better Homes and Gardens recipe, and one 9 x 13 carrot cake from this recipe: Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

There was still  some squash left… so, being the creative, resourceful mom I am, I decided to try potato pancakes…

A little egg, flour, onion, salt and pepper
A little egg, flour, onion, salt and pepper



So, the verdict? All boys agreed that squash pancakes were a better way to eat squash than sauteed with onions or raw in salads or gratin’ed.

The first loaf of squash bread didn’t last until it had cooled, and the other has been a lovely snack.


And the cake? We decided not to do cream cheese frosting so the youngest would be able to eat it.. instead we did a pineapple juice and powder sugar glaze… and the entire thing disappeared before I could get a photo.

So, a success.. which is good, because that basket is now full of yellow squash again.

What do you do with squash?

One thought on “Much Ado about Squash….

  1. WC – at our local farmers market last year, Cooperative Extension was giving out little recipe pamphlets for everything zucchini…..cakes, cookies, breads, stuffed, stews. I suppose yellow squash would work the same. This is the first year that I am actually growing the yellow, so I appreciate the ideas you’ve suggested.
    Coincidentally, I bought some patty pan at the Durham Farmer’s Market and we cooked that in a little olive oil with some zucchini on the grill. I hadn’t seen patty pan around here in recent years. I don’t know why.

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