Flurry of Posts 3 – The new house

The New house is coming along and keeping us busy and on our toes. I have spent a lot of time recently looking into appliances. Our fridge is over 13 years old, our stove is 9, and we have decided we will replace them with energy efficient appliances in the new house. So I have been shopping around, seeing what is new, comparing prices.

I have also made a website for the new house for our family and friends to keep up with the events surrounding it. So here is the link for those curious to see how it is coming:  This New House.

View out the utility room.
View out the utility room.

If you have any insights into kitchen appliances, feel free to leave me a note. Convection, traditional, ice in the door, microwaves (never had one, this plan calls for one above the range), dishwashers that actually wash dishes, black or stainless… let me know what you like, don’t like, what you wish you had done differently!


One thought on “Flurry of Posts 3 – The new house

  1. How fun to watch your house go up. I can’t wait! My very personal views on appliances– we spent a lot of money on a fridge with a thick door and a bottom freezer. Entirely worth it. We bought a mid-priced gas stove. At first hubby wanted one that didn’t have that back panel –controls were on the front–so it would look almost like how a cooktop would look…but I wouldn’t do it because my Mother has one and it makes the oven VERY SMALL–can’t even get in a big turkey. We went high-end with Bosch for dishwasher/washing machine/etc. I won’t do it again. I like how quiet the dishwasher is, but it requires a lot of tender care on our part to get dishes clean. Our washing machine is also delicate.

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