We are at T-3 and counting….

There has been a lack of posting here because I have been posting daily updates for family over on This New House. And we have been busy. I have continued to write lessons for my new course, taken three boys to dental/doc and this morning eye appointments as we get ready for back to school. Much needed unders and socks were purchased during the annual tax free back to school shopping weekend.. and we have been having fun with some friends in the last of summer entertaining. Hardly room to breathe.

The man about the place has cleaned and tidied the entire bottom of the new barn so he can store all the bits and pieced we salvage from this house. And of course, there has been work on the grounds as buildings come down and old barn flotsam and jetsam gets put away and hauled to recycling centers.

There has been some knitting.. hope to post that later today. But hopefully, weather holding, stars aligning.. the main focus this week will be the arrival of the house on Wednesday, and the craning of the boxes into place on Thursday. If you want to follow this process, check out the other website. Apparently, the man about the places grandmother is so excited about this, she is having her middle daughter bring her down to watch, which has prompted the inlaws to decide to host a roast picnic for us in our yard while the excitement happens. So it will be a very fun week. I hope.

The worst part of course will be seeing this wonderful house on the property finally, but not being able to “touch it”. The interior will still have work.. plus septic and hook-ups of all sorts… All of us are itching to get inside and unpack and make it home.. but we must be patient.

But at least the countdown is on!

Knitting photos soon!


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