4 weekends in a row painting the new house. And now 2 weekends in a row, moving in. Life has been very hectic and swirly. And the autumn backdrop of colorful leaves and cool rain has come as a surprise when I have had time to look up.

This weekend, a birthday for a newly minted nine year old, and the first wisdom teeth removed added to the fun. The new house has already provided us comfort and joy for these occasions.

You can check out the latest here:              http://rmlamb.wordpress.com/


Unfortunately, in the midst of all this happiness and contentedness, in the midst of everyday chaos, there is a shadow. My sister has entered the Valley of the shadow, morphine making her comfortable.. and I wait for the phone to ring. I try to comfort my mother as she faces that thing no parent thinks it is right to face. I told her it was okay to be angry.. this is not the way it is supposed to be. But it is what it is…at this point, we have to hope she is comfortable and not suffering.



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