Advent Journey Day 1

I have blogged about Advent before, and thought I had better gather some inspiration for the month long journey ahead. I blog mostly for myself, and for the family history, and so I enjoy turning back and seeing where we have been.


In December of 2007 I did a post a day, and I enjoy going back and looking at the things we did, and will do again this year, as we did last year. The link to the first post is here:


But I also enjoy peeking into homes around the world and being a part of their tradition. Here are some places I traditionally “peek” and will do so again this year, because their homes are warm and wonderful.

Suse, over at Pea Soup, shares her Advent traditions every year, and they are OH SO Familiar as they use Steiner tradition in their home as well.. but she is around the globe from me. How wonderful that the world can be so large and small at the same time. We use the same verses and songs.. but we are sunk in winter, while she is warm with summer light. Visit with her here.

And I always enjoy the inspiration and insight at Britt -Arnhild’s House in the Woods. When I read her blog, I get a sense of someone who knows how to enjoy living.. someone that relishes the everyday in a relaxed way. A meal is not a hurried affair.. it is savoured and enjoyed. Her home seems warm and cozy, with a truly spiritual essence that I wish I knew how to capture. She is looking at Advent again this year, so go visit and be inspired.

And finally, closer to home, is Sarah and her family in snowy Vermont. Another Waldorf family, I enjoy seeing their family traditions, especially the wonderful handmade gifts they make for each other each year. They too have lit the first candle, in a unique candle holder of their own making.



I am also on the hunt for new sites to visit.. so let me know if there are any that inspire you. Or, if you have a tradition you want to share, I would love to hear that as well.


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