Still here…

Birthday was a mixture of happy and sad.. the children and man about the place made a special day for me.. the students at school sang for me… and my MIL gave me a beautiful pink camellia that will bloom each January as a remembrance of my sister. Very sweet.

Then the weekend became a blur. Friday I left school immediately to watch middle son play basketball. Then a dear friend made my family dinner for my birthday. Then some of the family headed to a school play (Dh and middle son) and eldest to video a HS basketball game, and youngest and I headed home where I cleaned bathrooms and mopped and did laundry and cleaned the kitchen.

Sat am up early. Youngest and I went to our church to help set up for our Fest. Monies raised go to local charities. Then I dashed nearby to get my haircut and then back to the Fest to purchase our wreath for the door. Then to the grocery store, then home. Dh had middle son at a Bar Mitzvah for his best friend. Eldest had slept late because he had been out until 1:30 doing Junior firefighter duty at a local structure fire. He did throw his clothes in the laundry when he was dropped off, and when he woke, he did some vacuuming.
SO, dh came home and took the younger 2 to their school festival while I made fruitcakes and ran up to the school to pick up the Christmas tree, fresh cut from the mountains, delivered by the Lacrosse team. Then everyone home to dinner. Then dh and middle off to bar Mitvah party, and me curled up knitting a gift and watching a movie.

Today, decorating the house, cooking for the next few days, walk in the woods with a friend and youngest, Middle and Eldest running around doing their thing. I cannot even remember all we did today. Friends stopped by to see new house.. then friend for dinner…very nice, but meant my school work was left very late. So photos to come.. off to bed to rest now.


2 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Belated Happy Birthday WillowCaroline. It does sound like a very busy time there. I remember those days well, when I was on the run with my three, all needing to be in different places at the same time. It passes so quickly though, so enjoy every minute with them. My three will be home for Christmas, the first time in several years, so I’m looking forward to that very much.

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