Advent in the new house…

We stored much of our winter/holiday things with our inlaws next door so we could quickly get out of the main house. Now that we are settled, we have slowly been bringing the things we need from the inlaws. Winter clothes and coats and hats and scarves were needed right away. Now the Christmas things are needed. I have yet to find my homemade nativity, but the rest is here and sorted through and new homes have been found for old favorites.

The tree was originally going somewhere else.. but the old tree stand sprung a leak, and so we moved it to a dry spot so the carpet that got wet could dry as well. We can see it from the front entrance, which is appealing… and it has a lovely central focus.

The cards and the tomtens… festive as always…

The eldest’s beautiful table graces the entry.. and is now home to another tomten and his sleigh. And afternoon clementines for the boys to grab on the way in or out…

The Moravian Star shines on the front porch… we have convenient outlets on all sides of the house which makes hanging the holiday lights very easy.

I crocheted this angel when I was in college.. and it now hangs in the sidelight by the front door.

And the whimsical “tractor lights” are making the den a bit brighter at night…. the boys have always loved these since their grandmother gave them to them.

A little “Big Red” – just like daddy’s tractor.

An old dining room table that was in my husband’s family was at some point cut down and made into a coffee table, which my MIL has now given to us. Here it is, festooned for the holiday, and a very nice coffee table it makes.

We brought the old mantle from the old house over.. we plan to use it somewhere. Right

now, we have propped it up in the alcove area, site of the future home of the old woodstove..and we hung out stockings from it. Just because, it is nice to have some reminders of the happy years in the old house.

Our wreath was made by the women of my church for the Fest we had recently.. we could not figure out how to mount it on our new front door, which is steel, but not magnetic. So we hung it inside where we are enjoying it a great deal more. Next year, we will figure something else out.

So, we have made preparations. But there are more to come…


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