Our Christmas holiday started a half day early…

All the students were thrilled to hear snow in the forecast.. and by the end of the week, it was decided to close school early on Friday. SO I was home by1:30, enjoying the afternoon with my boys.

First big white flakes

Yours truly, on the front porch, watching the flakes..

Snow on the ground means knitting in the house...

New house in blanket of snow.
The view of the snow from the house is as lovely as I thought it would be...
Strolling through the woods with youngest was a very pleasant way to get some fresh air...

I am missing the woodstove a little.. we have plans to move it from the old house later this month.. so maybe soon we will have a cheery fire again.

We weren't the only ones walking in the snow...we saw deer tracks and deer, and smaller animal tracks and birds and squirrels.. middle son saw a coyote this morning as well..

The view of the house from the dam..

Old laundry shed.. new greenhouse...One of my favorite things about the new house is not having to fight the weather to do laundry. In weather like this, I used to have to have the man about the place break the ice on the overflow tank, and thaw the pipes, and then I would have to pour semi solid liquid detergent into the machine, and travel back and forth to the house with the baskets of clothes…but the old laundry shed will be our greenhouse for seedlings this spring, which is a wonderful thing as well.

Happy sledder

Icicles everywhere...

The holidays are off to a very nice start!

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