Knitting Recap…

So, the holiday went in a blur.. first, cleaning, cooking, entertaining took precedent. Then there is still so much unpacking/sorting/moving of large plants to do, so a good amount of what warm weather we had was spent with that.

And then, because we still have 9 days of term to go, I had lessons to prep, papers to grade, tests to write and a final exam to write which is still not finished. But a good part of the daytime hours was dedicated to work.

But the cozy evenings did lend themselves to knitting, and the holidays ended up being fairly productive. All details are over on Ravelry, for the knitters among you. I am Theflock on Ravelry.

I fell in love with this “fake” fair isle knitting. Being new to stranded color work, I wanted a project that did not have all the ends. So the trick with this pattern is to use a main color and then a variegated color. It was so much fun to knit these hats. I knit the first one for my Sister in Law, and had enough of the white, and almost enough of the variegated for a second one, so I made one for me once the holiday was over.

Hat for Sister in Law
Hat 2 - for me - with leftovers from Hat 1 for Sister in law.

These hats are from Knitty Magazine, called Three Tams.

New hat for middle son.

My middle son had requested a winter hat with earflaps and a tassle on top… we looked through Ravelry together and came upon this pattern, called Swell, which he found perfectly met his requirements. I managed to finish it Christmas night, having to try it on him several times to get the perfect fit, and he has not removed it since. Success…

I have already blogged about the wrist warmers for my mom.. she has worn them often since opening the present… and my mother in law’s cowl, which really was so soft considering it is wool…that Malabrigo is wonderful stuff!

And finally, the last item on the list is for a much awaited baby, due any day now… who will be born into the winters of Maine. Brrr…

Size 6 - 12 months

These will be large enough to pull over long jammies initially to protect tiny feet from the chill… and next winter, perhaps as socks along. Either way, cannot wait to meet the little one that will fill them!

These were from the website  JujubeandLolo – her patterns are so very cute. And this is a freebie at the bottom of the page…

Now, what to knit in 2010? I think it is time to clear my WIP on my rav list before I start anything new..

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