Repost from the house blog part II – or what we have been up to…

We have so many mature plants around the old house and we were worried about the fire’s affect on them. Chris found someone to move them for us.. a neighbor with a big machine. So, on what must have been one of the colder days of the year, all five of us helped move the plants. The cool thing, if they all survive, is the instant landscaping effect…

Landscaping the side of the house

We now have the pussywillow, viburnum, sweet shrub and boxwood along this side of the house.

Sure leaves the old house looking naked.
Giant rosemary now lives by the side door…

Let’s hope they all survive!

New flower beds
New pond
Bricks came apart upon impact

So, the man about the place is a bit peeved because we did not capture the great chimney falling moment. Eli took pictures up until the chimney fell.. I took a picture right after it fell and before the dust cleared (I was in a momentary panic as I waited to see what the chimney stack was going to do) and Zack filmed the entire event from the perspective of the tractor, not the chimney. So, he is peeved. But we do have several lovely photos of the bricks…

You expect me to do what with these bricks?
Bricks with rosemary plant that was moved later that afternoon…

So… bricks. That’s all you get when you pull a chimney down…


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