One more final to give….

The entire week of finals.. which this time around stretched over the long MLK weekend, means a week of not breathing and being in constant prayer that the students will do well. One more to go, then a quick catch of the breath, and then a new semester to gear up for. Fortunately, the eldest child has done well on his finals. All he has left is PE. I pray hardest for him, because he needs it.

But even though the daytime is stressful, the evenings have been a bit of a break since I don’t have to grade most of the finals. So I have enjoyed some knitting and a new to me series from Netflix: Mulberry.

Here is the blurb from Netflix:
Sent by the grim reaper to guide Miss Farnaby (Geraldine McEwan) into the next world, young Mulberry (Karl Howman) takes a job as her domestic servant in this British series. Unlike the other help, Mulberry is quite taken with the cantankerous old lady and, by pulling a few strings, extends her time on earth. Mulberry’s mission is to ensure that she live her last days with gusto, but who is the mysterious man in black lurking about the estate?

I enjoy Geraldine McEwan in this role. I also enjoyed her in the Mapp and Lucia series. I LOVE the books.. and I enjoy the series when I am in the right mood. Sometimes I find the characters a bit too much the way they are played.. But Mulberry has been something a bit different and both me and the man about the place have enjoyed it.

I have also done some baking and cooking this week, and I like listening to BBC Listen Again while I work. This past week I have been enchanted with Trollope’s The Pallisers.. I first heard it on BBC, then got the books from the library, and enjoyed them. I think one thing BBC does well most of the time is not change the plot of the books. I don’t know what it is about American made stuff.. but they often want to change the plot, the situation, the characters.. it often ruins it for me. When a great master speaks, there should be no need to paraphrase.

Anyway, enjoying some down time, even though internally I am still clinched. One more day to go!

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