Current knitting projects

For Christmas I received some lovely knitterly gifts. The youngest child gave me some lovely purple sock yarn. The man about the place gave me some handspun/dyed yarn. The cousin that drew my name in the annual secret santa spoiled me rotten.. she is a fellow knitter.. she gave me some lovely sock yarn, some lace weight yarn, a blocking mat, lace blocking wires, and a magic loop sock book. And the inlaws put the icing on the cake with a gift of a class for making Magic Loop Socks. What a marvelous Christmas.

So yesterday I started my class. We learned a wonderful cast on for Magic Loop Toe up socks. I have knitted socks toe up and top down before. I prefer toe up because a) you can try them on as you go which means a more perfect fit and b) you can knit til you run out of yarn. However, so many of the patterns are written for top down, which I enjoy as well. I have always knitted socks on double point needles and have no trouble with it..but the toe up cast on I know how to do is a bit tricky. I am sure there are others, and I may even be able to adapt this cast on for dpns. In any case, it is lovely to be taking a class and learning a new technique. And it has renewed my love of sock knitting. As a woman with big feet, hand knit socks are so wonderful.

Here are some photos, more details on Ravelry: Yarn is Knit Picks Imagination in the Munchkin colorway.

I am also using up the last of the yarn I used to knit Three Tams for Christmas. One went to the SIL, one went to me, not sure where this one will go. Perhaps the box for next years Church Fest.

I will say, I am not a person that looks good in most hats. I love them, but they don’t really flatter me in any way. Until these tams that is. They look pretty good, give my head some warmth, and don’t totally ruin my hair. I really enjoy wearing them. Again, more details on ravelry.


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