Happy Birthday to you

My sister would have been 41 today. Long chat with my parents and grandmother… we all conclude that 41 years is too short. But today was also the funeral of a former student of mine… she had only 19 years before a car accident took her life. And really, none of us knows when our time is next. We must seize the day, smell the roses, hug our kids, mend our fences, tell our loved ones what they mean to us, and live like we are dying. Because we are…I just wish my sister had had a little bit longer. Being sisterless sucks.


One thought on “Happy Birthday to you

  1. I understand. Not being sisterless, but that 41 is too short a life. My mother died at that age, leaving three girls, ages 14, 8, and 4. I have already lived fifteen years longer than she did.
    I agree that we shouldn’t take even one day for granted. I met a single dad in his forties today who may never walk or talk again due to a brain injury.
    Life is so precious.

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