Well, the town is in a twist…

The weather service sent out a winter storm warning early in the week… very unusual. The weathermen are frothing the town up, and all the towns and cities around us, with the idea of a serious snow/ice event. Yesterday the highways were being brined for a storm not expected to hit until midnight tonight. Cancellations everywhere.. sports events, trips, flights…

Email reminders sent out to all state employees… me being one since I am a teacher… reminding us how to make winter weather preparations. The town is standing by with plows and sand, with chainsaws sharpened for heavy limbs which, when covered with delicate ice, can crash down taking the power with it.

So yesterday evening I sent the man about the place out to get some weekend groceries. As a teacher, I tend to shop on the weekend for the weeks groceries. By Friday we can be seriously low on things around here. So, he went out to buy the staples… milk and bread and cereal… and a few other things required for big snow.

Bread and cereal and bagels are easy to eat if the power goes out...
Lots of milk for us...
Popcorn... cannot live without for long...
Cocoa for when we have been playing outside...
And what is cocoa without minimarshmallows...

And then when I arrived home this afternoon, I decided to get a jump start on the laundry, just in case.. and the middle son made some herbed bread… just in case.

And  I thought we needed one of these:


So we are ready.. now we shall see if it really snows!


One thought on “Well, the town is in a twist…

  1. I like preparing for a storm too! I always run the laundry through and make sure the dishwasher runs. Enjoy your storm! It’s -10 here and we are all pining for a big storm.

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