Thanks for listening to my melt down…

Thursday we went back to school, although with a 2 hour delay. It was tough, but not tough at the same time. Sort of an easing into the work week.

Then on Friday, as I was going out the door, with snow and sleet falling around me, the middle son called out to say that the ringing phone had canceled my school for the day, and it was an optional work day. Well, the younger sons school was not canceled, so I was able to go into work unencumbered with children and get a lot done. This has helped me relax a bit.. as I am now better able to face next week well prepared.

The eldest son has been struck down by the flu.. so having the week off actually was a help for him.. he did not get horribly behind. I think most of the rest of us have had some version of what he has, so I have my fingers crossed we won’t spread it amongst us. Having the relaxed schedule this week helped me wash loads of laundry and keep the boys bathroom scrubbed to try and ward off those germs. I was also a bit glad to see this illness.. he had had a meltdown of his own, as only a teen can do, just the day before. I am hoping the meltdown was a sign of the illness to come – that thought comforts me.

The youngest son and I completed his Valentines for school.. so that also feels good. No last minute scramble, but slowly and surely taking the time to do a nice job.

Folding envelopes

We found some bandanna themed card stock which appealed to him. I showed him how to fold it into an envelope. He wrote his Valentine greetings on the upper flap of the envelope. This part he was able to do all by himself, and was a very good exercise for him.. he struggles some with coordination in this area.

Then we put something in the envelope. We cut out hearts.. I had to do most of the cutting. One thing I noticed about my boys is that they get very little “cutting” experience in the Waldorf school. Drawing, handwork of all sorts, yes. Cutting yarn and later, fabric, yes. But basic cutting and gluing, not much at all. And it shows. At age 9, he really struggled with cutting hearts. So I did much of the cutting, smoothed his edges, etc.


One side of the heart got a magnet, hot glued on. I wielded the glue gun and he placed the magnet. We had only a tiny bit of glue stick to work with, and we were snowed in, so we had our fingers crossed we had enough to get through the project. And we did.. just enough.

JewelsThe other side of the magnet got a hot glued jewel. Jewels are a HUGE part of a Waldorf child’s early years around here. They are food in the kitchen. They are math manipulatives. They are found in fairy homes. They are traded and bartered with on the playground. They are fish pond prizes. They adorn nature tables. So we had to use some bright red jewels we came across.

Each envelope got a heart magnet, and 5 more red jewels. Then it was taped up and stacked to be ready for the important day. Each little packet rattles nicely, and feels hefty. He is very pleased with his results.

We got sleet and slush Friday morning, which then gave over to rain, and rain, and rain. We are so super saturated. Our pond is now overflowing in a way we haven’t seen since Hurricane Fran in 1996. And this morning, we have more snow.. although this won’t stick most likely, and the weekend promises to warm up and melt away what is left from last week.

I have a sock class this morning, provided the snow doesn’t scare it closed. So I will get a bit of time away. And last night I exercised, which also seems to have helped remove most of the bad mood. I think I go through this every year at Jan/Feb time… but this just seemed to slam into me. Truly a waking up on the wrong side of the bed… but I think I figured out where the right side was, and now to enjoy my weekend, because next week promises to be back to normal.

Magic loop sock class homework.. these are actually now knit all the way to the instep - both of them - today we do heels!

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