We had snow... enough to be pretty, not enough to be a nuisance.
Good food

It was a weekend of good eating. I made Pioneer Womans Drip beef which was very yummey!. I made a dip in bread bowl from Mennonite Women can cook. We couldn’t get enough of this! I used the idea of a mousse cake I saw at Farmchicks. Ours turned out quite tasty, if not quite the same.. for one, we cannot get Famous Wafers here.. so I used oreos. I added expresso to the dark chocolate layer, but did not make it as ‘dark” chocolate as called for. Yummy though. Large salad and veggies to dip. It was a very nice meal.

Decorating fun

Knitting OlympicsWe also got into the Olympic spirit. We don’t tend to watch much in the way of sports on TV, but we love the Olympics. So, we watched the Opening ceremonies, and then various things throughout the weekend, mostly pre-recorded so we could zip through the commercials. I entered the Knitting Olympics over on Ravelry.. sweaterboardcross…no hope of medaling, but am enjoying the venue and being a part of the Olympic spirit. šŸ˜‰

Details here.

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