Ravelympics sweater…

I spent most of my free time in February watching the Olympics and trying to finish my olympic challenge sweater. For non-knitters, knitters all over the country that keep their project information on the Ravelry website joined together in teams to knit object during the olympics. I joined my local yarn shop’s team, in the event Sweaterboard Cross in the hopes that I could knit a sweater from start to finish during the Olympics. I ALMOST made it.

By the time the closing ceremonies ended, I only had part of the edge to bind off, and then of course blocking to do. But I was tired, the picot bind off required concentration, and it was time to call it a  miss.. So, no gold for me, but perhaps a bronze. Of course, without the pressure to perform, I stopped working on it, to catch up on stuff I had neglected while I was knitting.

Here are the results:

This is the Jewel Lace Edge Jacket from August 09 Knit N’ Style magazine. I think I will enjoy wearing it.. for knitters out there, more details on Ravelry, where I am theflock.


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