Welcome, welcome happy spring…

Life has been busy here at the croft.

Baseball season has started, with practices for the youngest child several times a week. This means forced exposure to the sun for me, as I sit and wait and grade papers… it tends to lift the spirits.

Time change always means tiredness for a bit. Not sure why really – its just an hour. But I guess all the outdoor time and fresh air relaxes me, and makes me feel the tiredness more. I also had a very bad stomach bug for a few days.. missed some school which is hard to recover from. Having a sub is very much like having a babysitter.. you have to clean and prepare for them, even make them a meal perhaps, and then there is the cleanup when you get home. I am finally getting caught up, I think.

We had a long cold winter.. not much snow, but lot of cold. And then this weekend, spring finally arrived. 70 degrees and gorgeous.

We moved plants from the old house to the new, and we are now watching for signs they survived. Early reports seem good:

The large pussywillow bloomed...
Large pussywillow, looking like it has lived here always.
Viburnum leafing out and blooms forming..

The gooseberry has leaves as well. The boxwood looks stressed, and the rosemary is definitely dead. So, we will see if they last through the spring and summer and hopefully, they will end up liking their new homes.

The new pond looks so barren right now…

But on closer inspection, there are signs that life is returning.

Pond plant coming back to life...
Transplant around the pond coming back...
This is a new plant.. given to me in memory of my sister.. blooming camellia..
Bird houses have been relocated...

The birds needed their houses moved from the old site where we took them down before the burn, to a new location. Within 15 minutes of moving them, bird couples were looking into them. We are not sure we have takers yet, but at least we know they have discovered the houses are back. The frogs however, have found the pond. We are so close to the big pond now that spring peepers and even the bullfrogs make music for us each evening. But last night, under our bedroom window, the frogs serenaded us all night. All. Night. Long.

Plants at the old house...

Spring is bringing up all the bulbs and spring pretties at the old house as well. I could not move these this fall or winter because I did not know where they were anymore. So now, I will watch and as they come up, will enjoy their blooms and then move them to a new location.

So, spring brings lots of new work. Spring break, shortened due to snow days, is just over a week away. I hope to get some compost delivered and work on weeding, building up the new flower beds, and mulching them during that time. We also need to finish the clean up work on the old house site. Before it turns to summer. Reality is, this is a process, and it will be years before things look good again.

A bleeding heart at old house site...
Snowdrops at old house site.. so glad to see them again.

SO, if I am intermittent in my posting, you will know it is sunny and bright and I have plenty to be doing!


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