Saturday in spring ?

We woke this morning to 38 degrees… which felt cold after a week of warmer temps. We have been staining the staircases of the new house, and when we woke today, this is what we saw..

Each of those beads is an ice chip… perfect little spheres, where the evening rain got frozen and the morning sun had not melted yet. The new stain is certainly doing its job.

View from my office...

I love my new workspace in this house. I can look out the window and see this wonderful cherry tree, which is now in bloom, and has houses many spring birds already.

I can also see this lovely camillia my mother in law gave me when my sister passed away… a lovely reminder from a lovely woman of another brave, lovely woman.

We are watching this weeping cherry closely.. it was so very close to the old house, and was in the fire’s way. So far, it looks like all is well.

Weeping cherry

This is the side that was away from the fire. There are very few blooms on the other side, although there are some, and the tree itself does not look blackened or singed. There are buds, and the wood looks supple and living. So we keep our fingers crossed that it remains healthy.

The menfolk are busy…

The youngest

The youngest is busy staining railings, which his small hands do well…

The eldest

The eldest is busy mowing the grass that was planted last fall and finally decided to grow by feet at a time.

New porch staining..

The man about the place has been staining all the porches and stairs.. they look very nice all finished this way.

The middle son

And the middle son has been painting a new coat of paint on the barn.

I have been busy with bill paying and Easter letter writing and laundry… need to go pick some new daffs for the house and then get to dinner.. all these guys will be hungry!


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