New life…

It has been a lovely couple of days weatherwise.. warm and sunny. We have worked hard to make new flowerbeds and an herb garden. This post is about the herb garden.


So, before the house burn, we moved the old stones from the old flowerbeds to the new house. And we put them in place loosely. The contractor had to seed grass all over to satisfy the county, so the warm spring weather has brought the grass up just lovely… but in the wrong place. This space is set for the herb garden, because it is easy to access from 2 doors of the house.. one near the kitchen, and one near the mudroom, where I have a sink and space to dry herbs if necessary. So the boys and I got rid of the grass, mulched the back edge next to the house, wheelbarrowed many loads of composted manure with lovely worms all in it, and then planted a new herb bed: dill, rosemary, lavendar, chives, cilantro, sage, several types of thyme, and plenty of different types of basil seeds were also spread. And oregano. And parsley (Italian, flat leaf)


The bed wraps around the corner of the house between the 2 staircases, and there is a water spigot conveniently located for prime watering if necessary.

Near the back door... after

Not a whole lot to see at the moment, but hopefully, lovely and lush really soon.


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