Spring lovlies..

I have been quiet here as I have been working at stress reduction. Exercising, walking, and working in my garden take the available free time at this busy time of year. May begins this weekend, and tonight, we are expecting a FROST! That is late for us southerners. But, hopefully it won’t hurt all the work I have been doing in the garden.

The lilacs were splendid this spring. And the butterflies came in droves. It was hard to decide.. cut and enjoy their heady perfume in the house, or delight in the butterfly company. I chose a little of both.

And the lilies of the valley were bountiful too.. even though they were at the fire site. I enjoyed the blooms, and have since been trying to move the pips to the new garden. I hope they take.

Here is the lily bed over at the burned out house… pips came up everywhere this year!

The blueberry bushes have been a buzz with bees… hopefully our tummies will be full this summer as a result.

And the bluebirds have moved into the house on the end of the porch. They like to sit on our window screens in the mornings. We like watching them, watch us.


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