Recent bird sightings…

This spring the birds have been so much fun.

The osprey has come and gone. The herons are back on the pond. The hawks sit up high in the trees. Wood ducks and mallards have dropped by. And we have one Canada goose family this spring.

The bluebirds are enjoying mealworms left near their home. The juncos seem to have finally left. The cardinals and blue jays and sparrows and titmice and doves and mockingbirds and rufous sided towees are all here in abundance. Saw the first nuthatch of the season, and we always have chicadees. The goldfinches are now lovely and brightly yellow again.

My office looks out on the cherry tree, several feeders and the birdbaths. So I have been able to catch some rarely seen birds – not sure if they move in around these parts or if they are just drifting through. I would think at this point in the season they would be settling somewhere. In any case, these photos are taken through my study windows.. so they are not the best shots, but look and see who has visited.

This is a blue grosbeak we think. He hung around for quite a while, and did not like to share the seed. He spent more time shooing away other birds than eating seed himself.

And this.. scarlet tanager? Summer tanager? It was such a quick flash of red, and this is the only decent shot I got. Appears there is some black on the wings.. so scarlet tanager? Hopefully, he will stop by again.


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