Being grateful….

Today, I am grateful for….

  • 2 weeks left til summer break – whew.
  • New fans on new front porch and a man about the place that could install them.
2 new fans to help keep summer porch time cool
  • The birds I can see from my office…this rosebreasted grosbeak paused on his migratory flight.. he was mighty tired. The youngest walked back and forth and kicked the soccer ball just feet away from him.. but he stayed put on the waterbath.

  • Wonderful family portraits finally framed and put up in our new entry area. Also framed finally, our Wedding Vows certificate. One of my bridesmaids hand calligraphied our vows, and all the guests at our wedding signed it. That was nearly 20 years ago, but we finally got it framed!

  • Sweet Mother’s Day gift from oldest.. and turned walnut plate, made in his school shop class.

  • A lovely new garden getting under way… the weather has been rainy, which has helped my plants as I have moved them from old garden to new. Things are starting to fill in and out, and some things have bloomed better in their new home than ever before!


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