End of the school year…

This past week saw the end of several things.. and what a whirlwind it was.

I gave the last finals.

The kids finished their last days.

The 7th grade did their end of year play.

The youngest was in his last baseball game… after night after night of consecutive play where he was the catcher for all 6 innings of the game… until the last inning of the last game, when he got overheated and felt he was going to throw up. It was so hot.. and in catchers gear..

Graduation has been held.

Graduation parties have been attended.

End of school pool parties have taken place.


So nice to be done.

The end of year for high school teachers does not usually involve gifts from students.. They come in, take their final, and leave for the next final. So there is no end of year, final class, party celebration like there often is in middle or elementary school. But this year, I received quite a few lovely gifts, including a wonderful fruit bouquet from a student about to graduate, that I had taught when she was a freshman. SO unexpected and sweet and overly generous. But the best was the thank you note that came with it. A humbling reminder that in my job, I never know what impression I am making, and I better make sure I make a good one. Young, tender identities are still forming, and my words can leave marks, both good and bad. I need to be ever mindful of that. It was lovely to know that for this student at least, I was able to make math a good experience.

One thought on “End of the school year…

  1. What a wonderful gift! I always tried to write a note of thanks to my children’s teachers at the end of the year. Hope you can relax a little now and enjoy your summer. Here in New York, school goes on until the 25th of June, but then we don’t start back again till after Labor Day.

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