7th grade Waldorf doll….

I have three boys. And I made them Waldorf dolls to play with when they were small. And they played with them until about 2nd grade…well, my middle son still sleeps with his knot doll, but that will be our secret.

I love that they learn practical arts in the Waldorf school. They learn to knit and crochet, they make socks, they make soft animals.. they learn the value of making and using these objects, and appreciate my love of knitting and sewing.

The 7th grade year is the year they make their own doll. They are usually given a category to choose from.. some years they pick and dress and doll from a specific culture.. this year, my 7th grader had to make a character from a book. He chose Merlin.

Merlin, as interpreted by Eli

Everything is done by hand, and done by the student. I love how Merlin turned out.

Boot details

So proud of my son… he did well.


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