Well, I turned in my keys…

Today was the last teacher workday of the year. My textbooks are turned in, my gradebook as well… the room cleaned and desk packed away. The last thing is always to lock the door and turn in the keys.

Which doesn’t mean I won’t work from home over the summer. Or even end up back at school getting my keys and doing work there. But for today, I am done.

It is time to turn my back on the old year. I have had successes and failures, and the failures will always haunt me more. But I always choose this last day to turn the key on those. Yes, I will reassess and attend workshops and chat with other teachers always in hopes of learning something new that will help me bring more students into the success category. But on this day, I turn the key in my school door, and open my home door. It is time to be just mamma for a while.


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