Where in the world have I been? (updated with photos)

  • First week off, the boys had doc appts and they were packing to get ready for a week at Seabase.
  • Sat, we dropped the hubler and 2 oldest boys at airport, and wished them a good journey. Then we went home for a week to ourselves, just youngest boy and I. The first thing that happened was my computer went and caught a virus, so that needed to wait for the hubbler to return. But small boy and I enjoyed the week anyway… a trip to the zoo, sleepover here for his friend, reorganizing the kitchen, cleaning his room and organizing it, etc.



Smallest boy piloting Elephant tracking helicopterSmallest boy piloting Elephant tracking helicopter.

  • Next week was week leading up to Fourth of July weekend. This involved getting the house ready for company. They arrived on Friday, big family get together all day Sat, and more family arriving on Sunday. Monday, I cleaned a tiny bit, and then left the family to entertain more guests, while I drove to Atlanta.
  • The week after the fourth I was at a IB training conference, for my school. I stayed with a cousin in Atlanta, and am so glad I do not have to travel through traffic like that everyday. I was gone Monday – Thursday, and was happy to return home.
  • Where we began the last bathroom project on our house… my parents are coming to visit in August, and my mother is in a wheel chair. We wanted a bathroom in the house that would be easy for her to use. However, builders and building codes require things to be very uptight and specific when you start asking for handicap accessibility.. and to be that rigid is ridiculous for a bathroom that will be used for that purpose no more than a week per year. We wanted a roll in shower, which will also be nice for washing the dogs or boys who have been swimming in the pond…but it doesn’t need to be ADA… so in the end, we left the bathroom not finished, and are now in the race to do it ourselves.. ACKK.

Have not even been here a year, and already, a hole in the floor, ;)

Cutting hole in new house…

Middle son was under house, sawing from below...which was funny from up above.

Pictures to follow on all these fronts, but at the mo, Word press isn’t letting me post them.


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