Zip, zip, zip….

I have posted before about inheriting my grandmother’s sewing notion stash… when we moved her from her home to a small cottage, she let me take her sewing things. For years she sewed my wardrobes and my sisters. I loved those visits where we would head to the fabric store and pick patterns and fabrics and buttons. When we would get home, she would snip a small piece of the fabric and attach it to the pattern it went with, and dropped the buttons into it, and circled the view so she would have it all ready to go when she began sewing. We would travel to the beach with her in the summer as they had a condominium on South Padre Island in Texas.. and she would take her sewing machine and sew for us. We would be swimming in the ocean or pool and she would call us to come in for a fitting.

One box of Nana's zippers

About the time she needed to care for her mother and her husband’s father, I was old enough to sew for myself, and did so through the end of high school and college. I made my first day of school dress for 7th grade, as well as my confirmation dress.. thanks to her instruction. What a legacy!

Some of the candidates for my blouse.. which will match best?

The buttons boxes are probably the most used of her notions. But I also got seam tape and twill tape and belt kits and bra straps and snaps and hooks and needles… and zippers. An entire box of  zippers. I pulled these out for the New Look shirt, as it has a side zip. I find myself drawn to vintage notions… I love the way they are packaged and designed. The older the zipper I have, the larger and more interesting the leaflet is that shows how to put in the zipper. And the variety.. blouse zippers and dress zippers and coat zippers and trouser zippers!

I think these are ranged from newest to oldest.. see the prices? That last one was 35 cents.

The inovations… bridges on top, metal vs. polyester, separating or not, stitch lines or pick your size… whew.

Rainbow of colors...
A very good match...

I am so lucky to have this stash.. to have to drive somewhere to find a zipper.. the nearest store to me would be 30 minutes away. My stash is right here.

Wish I could take better photos.. the cover art is so interesting!

So many different sets of instructions...

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