Peg Bag… Clothespin bag…

Because we put the new house  very close to the old laundry shed, I lost my laundry lines late last summer. But the man about the place and the middle son put up a new contraption this weekend to finally restore the outdoor drying options. However, I cannot for the life of me find the old clothespins.

So, new clothespins procured and a new peg bag made. Often, we just left our clothespins on the line, because we used them often enough and the lines were always up. But the new clothesline is the same as my mother in law uses, a collapsible model like this one…. we went with the new contraption for several reasons. Mostly, the old lines were hard to mow under… most of our mowing is done with large tractors, given that we have lots of acres to mow… and it is hard to fit the big tractor under the lines unless they are high enough, and then only tall people can hang or retreive laundry. And this new set of lines can be reached by the smaller boys in the house, which is helpful. And when  not in use, the lines can be folded down out of the way. We shall see how it goes.

I wanted a simple peg bag, so used this tutorial here: My lucky Chicken. This one seemed easy enough, simple enough, went together quickly, and required nothing but bits and pieces from my stash.. a scrap of fabric, some hem tape from my grandmother’s stash, and some buttons from an old garment of hers or her mother’s that she had cut off and saved..

Finished clothepin bag.

I am having trouble making neat buttonholes with this machine. If I make the stitch width tight enough, the fabric won’t advance.. and if I make it so the fabric can advance, the buttonholes are not stitched tight enough… so will have to work on that.

I like that the bag is on a coat hanger.. I can hang it in the pantry closet when I am done with it… or hang it on the line when I am using it.


5 thoughts on “Peg Bag… Clothespin bag…

  1. Cute pin bag WC! – I love hanging out clothes, and have always had a clothesline, even though it is not quite fashionable in this neighborhood. When my old pin bag fell apart, I bought a heavy-duty pillow cover at the Salvation Army that had button holes in it for some reason, and I slipped the hanger from the old bag into them and stitched up the middle for two pockets. I love repurposing too!

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