We have had an extraordinarily hot summer here… and this weekend a cool spell was lovely relief. Because of the heat, I have had to water the new flower beds to help all my transplants make it.

Bee balm however, is very hard to can pull it up and plunk it somewhere else and really, it always takes off. I love bee balm.. I have 2 varieties: the traditional red, and a purple variety. The humming birds and the bees and the butterflies love it. And I love that it handles the heat and drought really well.

I moved the bee balm here from our Raleigh home 14 years ago now. And I have moved it various places around the land here. Now it has a spot in some of my new flower beds, attracting the butterflies to all our gorgeous window views.

How many butterflies do you see here? I see nine…

Apparently one of my sons appreciates the butterflies as well.. I found these pictures on my camera this afternoon, and I did not take them ….

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