Darn those socks…

So, when you move, you tend to sort through stuff and decide what to keep and what to toss and so on. When we moved, I tried to clean up small projects so they did not move as projects… but not everything got done. One of those things was darning several pair of hand knitted socks…

I knit these socks a long time ago. I knit them at the same time I knit these: click here. But I am hard on socks, wearing them all the time in the winter. So I had several pairs with holes. The mess that was my study at the time meant I could not find the yarn for the repairs.. so they sat in a bag, until I moved, reorganized and found and consolidated all the small balls of sock yarn.

Both toes on this pair had holes, along with one heel.

I have an old dressmakers book that details darning, but mostly I just wing it. I take a long length of the yarn, and with a tiny running stitch I sew rows left and right. These rows start in a stable portion of the sock, and sometimes span the space of the hole.. which is why a darning egg is very nice, so that you do not pull the yarn up too tight. Once all the left/right rows are stitched, I then weave over and under them going top to bottom.

I am not the best photographer, but you can get the idea here. I continue to weave until there isn’t any space left, and the weaving appears to disappear, making sure again, to anchor in a stable part of the sock. A small hole, say 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch, may end up being a 1.5 by 1.5 inch darn.

One thing to watch out for is to try not to make it “lumpy” since you will be walking on these.. Therefore, I may anchor the yarn in different areas so I don’t develop a ridge at all.

When I am darning wool socks, there is the help of “felting” that tends to occur on the bottoms after walking on them all the time. But with cotton socks, like these in the photo, you really do want to watch any ridges forming.. they can be annoying to wear.

One more pair to go, and then I think I can cross this task off my summer list!


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