Vintage patterns…

I love vintage patterns and vintage styles… 30s through the 50s had wonderful clothes.. and I also love Edwardian wear. This summer I tried a shirt from my stash of vintage patterns.. I have a small one, mostly from my mom and grandmother.

BedjacketThis is a pattern for bed jackets.. I love bed jackets! I made this one a while ago, out of flannel with cherries on it… I think I posted about it here some where.. but it has been several years ago.

I made the version in green.
I love pajama patterns.. this was my mother's.
A slightly older pajama pattern.. can you imagine being that tidy as you head to bed?
Blouse patterns

Now these are patterns I think I could make and still wear to work at school without it being too odd..

More blouses..
This is the one I decided to try...

I chose to make one like the white one in the top corner. I had some cream colored linen that needed to be used. So I decided to take the plunge. My issue is that all of the patterns need adjustments. My mother was a teen when she wore some of these, and both my mother and grandmother were slim at this stage in their lives. I was also slim at that point, but now in my 40s my metabolism has gotten decidedly like my father’s side of the family.. in fact, it appears to have stopped. It needs to be worked on, and I have even brought in the doctors to help out..but I digress.

I used this pattern as it is a size 16 and is closest to my measurements. Some slight  fudging with smaller seam allowances, plus the ease built into the pattern, made this easy to fit. The pattern is from 1963, and went together very easily.

Here it is, not pressed, and without buttons..

These are not very good pictures. The battery on my camera is refusing to hold a charge, and I am down to the wire.. today is my last day of vacation. So these will have to do. The shirt has been hemmed and is ready to go, but needs buttonholes. The machine I am currently using is tough to make buttonholes with. Will have to get out the portable and see if I can make it work for this. Who knows when I can get around to that.

This linen is really soft and lovely.. unfortunately for me, the shop that sold these goods shut several years ago. Which tells you how long I have had this. Glad it finally went to good use.  I did leave off the pocket on the front. I was worried about placement and making it look right. I did cut out the pocket, and may apply it once I have the buttons successfully done.


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