More sewing…

This is a modern pattern that I have had a couple of years.

Simplicity 7152, 2002

I wanted something cool and breezy to wear, and this seemed to fit the bill. But it is very fitted, and I was worried about that, since I no longer seem to be able to simply pick a size and sew. I went with version C, and it went together very easily.

Blue floral sundress.

The top has both front and back darts, which I think I got in the right place. And the skirt has large pleats on front and back.

I had picked this material out for a skirt a long time ago, so it was nice to see there was enough to use for this dress instead. I left the skirt long.. I know many are wearing much shorter skirts these days. But I am a girl who grew up in the 80’s, and we did wear a lot of long skirts in those days. I like having my legs covered. The dress required a long zipper, which went in nicely. Overall, I was very pleased with the pattern.

There was a gap at the sides which I wasn’t sure how to address. I did not know if I needed to take the darts in more, or taper the side seams. I chose the latter. I put the dress on, and pinned in the sides where I thought it looked best. I took it off, ran some basting stitches along the pins, and tried it on again until I got it right. Then I sewed along the basting, re-trimmed the seams, and was good to go. It will be the perfect casual dress for floating around the house in, during these last hot days. And so far, no signs of Autumn are in the air!


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