Figs.. figs…figs…

We planted some figs many years ago. Every year they would freeze back and we would wonder if they would return. And every year they did, each year getting just a little bit bigger. But they would spend all summer trying to return, and never got around to making figs.

4 cups of figs, destined for ice cream

Last summer, the construction trucks were all around them, and we wondered if we shouldn’t just let them run over them. And then we had the coldest winter we have had in years.. but we did notice that a lot of last summers growth seemed to survive through the cold. And then this summer, kaboom.. we have figs coming out of our ears.

We had a few figs ripen early, and we were completely thrown. We didn’t know when to tell they were perfectly ripe and how to deal with them. But thanks to the internet, we quickly learned, so that now, when the majority of the figs are ripening, we are prepared.

So sweet and delicious...

Yesterday alone (the 16th of August) I picked 2 large buckets of them. By the time I removed the tough skin, stems and so forth, I had 10 packed cups of figs.

We apparently have 2 varieties. One turns a bright pink when ripe, the other a deep yellow. The pink is a brown turkey fig I think.. that’s what I remember planting. It gets very dark brown when ripe. The other bush has very light skin when ripe… we let several get overripe because we waited for it to turn brown. And the deep yellow interior was a surprise too.

The internet provided recipes to try. I used 4 cups to make fig ice cream. I used 2 cups to make some loaves of fig bread. And I have about 8 cups now to make fig preserves. Guess I better get boiling.

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