Weekend in the mountains…

This was a year for a birthday trip, so we headed to the mountains for some trout fishing. The Uncle has recently moved nearby and has had a few months to fish the streams and find some fun spots.

So, with a newly minted 17 year old, and a soon to be 14 year old, we attempted to escape the heat and do some family camping.

The fishermen, suited up and ready to fly...

The menfolk fly fished up and down the rivers and creeks… and my job was to sit on rocks in the cool water and knit or read a book. A tough job, but someone had to do it!

I packed several types of pressed sandwiches… I made salami and provolone; hummus and sprout, deviled ham, ham and brie,  and sundried tomato and mozzarella with fresh basil from the garden. We used bagels and cream cheese for breakfast… this helped cut down on the cooking while camping. Which ended up being a providential thing. Because while the fishing was fantastic, the camping ending up being a dud. We arrived, discovered it was a carry in camp site, not a car site, and had to haul our stuff quickly to the site and set up frantically.. it was thundering. We did manage a nice walk around the lake and some card playing before it really started raining.. but the night was a sleepless one. Thunder and lightening, hot and muggy, and a 3 inch deluge from 10:30 – 4 am. None of us slept well, and the tent leaked in a couple of places. We set everything up on lines to dry during the day, had a fabulous day driving from creek to river and through the mountains, but returned to find the campsite had another monsoon.. so nothing had dried out. We bagged it all up, in record speed.. we had 20 minutes or so before the campsite was locked for the night, and headed to Uncle’s and slept on lovely beds there and had much more fun.

Happy birthday boys…..


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