My boys have all attended a Waldorf school for their elementary/middle education. As such, they have been required to play music. First, the pentatonic flutes, then the recorder, then strings, then woodwinds. None of the boys have taken to an instrument and fallen so in love that they desire to play for life, but all have a wonderful appreciation for music, and have enjoyed their playing days – getting them to practice has not been too hard.

It is a rite of passage to enter 4 th grade and begin to play a string instrument. The eldest son played the cello first, and was able to play a couple short songs at a cousins wedding reception when he was quite young. He no longer plays.

The middle son then played cello, and really excelled at it. I loved to listen to him. But he wanted to change to a woodwind, the sax being his choice. His teacher said he had to learn the clarinet first, which he did in about 4 months – thereby getting permission to move to the sax. I enjoy hearing him play in concerts, and he enjoys it.. but I suspect this will be the last year he plays since he graduates this spring to high school.

So, the final boy entered 4th grade, and we waited to see which instrument he would choose. His is a life of constant waiting for the treasures he feels the older brothers get. Finally, his turn at a string instrument.. and he chose….

Cello, day 1

Once again, twinkle twinkle little star rings out throughout the house. This boy is very earnest about his playing, and he will bring it out several times a day to practice. He has learned several pieces the past 2 weeks, and will even be heard to be giving “concerts” in the den.. announcing his pieces and then playing them to the audience in his head. So very sweet, and a bit sad, as we live through this stage for the final time.


One thought on “Music

  1. Helen rarely plays her violin now, but treasures it and occasionally will bring it to fiddle. Liz, in 6th grade, is head over heels in love with classical music and has joined a youth symphony. Don’t know if that passion will move beyond waldorf though.

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