Where did October go? Cooking

Well, we spent several weekends processing pears from a large harvest this year.. the best harvest ever, in spite of a really hot and dry summer.

Pear tart 1

We canned so many jars of pear sauce and pear pickles… we ended our harvest by making tarts and freezing them for later. We have since enjoyed eating them all, serving them for various weekend company. They were yummy. This first one was very basic. When we defrosted it, I poured some pear sauce over it and warmed it in the oven. Yummy!

French Pear Tart

The middle son actually helped make this one. All three boys helped peel the last 5 gallon bucket of pears, and they decided that was too much peeling. Never mind the gallons and gallons I peeled alone! The french pear tart did not last to make it to the freezer.. it was gone by the next day.

Pear cake

This was my favorite.. dense and rich, and soft bites of pear – very yummy pear cake. It was gone quickly as well.

What wonderful bounty from the pear trees this year. I look forward to next year and hope it is as good!

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