Knee deep in Halloween…

Well, Sat night we went to a friend’s home to hay ride and trick or treat.. in the country, the walk from house to house often is helped by a tractor and trailer loaded with hay bales. The younger 2 boys rode the tractor – dad and I sat by an outdoor fire pit, enjoying the cool night air.

The youngest wanted to carve a this adorns our steps today.

This used to be a bigger production, with all hands on deck. Now, the middle son and dad helped him make his vision come to life before I even knew it was done.

These photos were even taken by the artist himself.

He wants everyone to know his pumpkin has ears…

And that frees me up to cook. The youngest helped with the menu this weekend because it is in a little way his birthday weekend.. so I am working on his birthday dinner tomorrow night (mummy dogs, basil pesto pasta – harvested a ton of basil yesterday from the garden – the first frost did not even touch it) and making a Halloween dinner tonight.

We made caramel apples for dessert tonight.Some have nuts, some have sprinkles… and we did clean the pot out with slices of granny smith.. yumm…

The gingerbread squares have been made for him to serve his classmates as birthday treat tomorrow.. need to make the apple lemon sauce for it.

And I need to finish the chicken pot pies, made to look like octopi. And I need to make the cranberry pumpkin bread. And I need to iron. And help middle blog his progress about his 8th grade project – making an authentic Indian headdress.. and I need to finish laundry, and I need to ….

I need to breathe.


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