Where did October go: Handwork

Charity knitting was a goal for the summer. I did make 2 pair of never fall off booties to donate. We were gifted with some in the summer of 2000 by a dear knitting friend from our playgroup. They were so very sweet, and were for our third and final little boy, who was arriving after losing 2 babies back to back in the early second trimester. His pregnancy was fraught with worry – what with the losses before and a fibroid causing issues and the worry that the treatment we were using to prevent a third loss wouldn’t work.. so these booties were a ray of hope, something to cling to and snuggle with during what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever.

He was born via C-section on Nov. 1st, and from the outside was beautiful and healthy  – but within 24 hours he was having surgery for a malrotated bowel, and spent his first 22 days in the NICU, having 2 surgeries and a few scares before we could finally bring him home, where he has thrived ever since. During the NICU time, he wore those booties, because we couldn’t really dress him up with all the tubes and such..but at least those booties made me feel like I was covering him in love when I couldn’t hold him.

And he wore those booties until his toes finally couldn’t be stuffed into them. They stayed on, and were just perfect for a small boys first months.

I found the pattern on Ravelry, and chose to knit a couple of pair for donating out of some leftover sock yarn. The results were colorful and jaunty. The first pair I made were a bit small, because I used smaller needles. Turns out, that was a good thing. In the first weeks of school a member of our school family had a baby at 25 weeks – while on a trip, so she was very far away from home. So the first pair got sent to her, in the hopes that the booties I had made would have similar magic properties. So far, the baby is fighting hard and hopefully will be home around Christmas.I have no photo of those – they were a lovely green with stripes.

The second pair lingered a bit on the needles, but did get finished and are ready to be donated to the church fest.  These are pink and cheerful.. much prettier in real life. For more details, or the pattern, see me on Ravelry.

In any case, my little wonder baby is 10 today.. sunny and scrappy and an absolute delight. Worth every moment of stress and anxiety!

Cannot see the booties here, but this is middle son visiting baby brother in NICU

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