October Wildlife…

October is the month when our chestnuts begin to fall… and thus, the deer show up in droves. The new house is right next to the chestnut trees.. the old house was farther away, and most of the windows did not face them – so we had no idea how truly many deer visited. It became a family fascination as dawn and dusk arrived, to watch for the deer.

(Click on the picture to make it bigger and then you will see the tiny eyes lit up)

Can you see the eyes in the dark? Every drive up the driveway at night scattered half a dozen deer or more. And we could stand here on the back steps and they would simply munch away.

And in the daylight, we could watch them as well. The middle son has a bird/deer watching blind he set up to read books and watch them arrive in the evening.

Fishing this fall has been good – after the hot summer, and the breeding season, the fish started biting – and not just the little ones.. big ones too. A great way to blow off steam after school. All bass are caught and released at our house.

And then there is this guy. He is so fat and cute, but a royal nuisance. He has been eating tons of flower bed flowers and my inlaws veggie garden. And now he is stuck up a tree – apparently they are climbers. Who knew? But I wish he would find another yard to climb in. And other gardens to munch on!

The groundhog stayed up the tree all afternoon, even though this tree is behind our barn and secluded from us usually – although we did keep checking to see if he was still there. And he was there that night when we had friends over for an October bonfire. But he did take off sometime in the night.


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