First Freeze…

After a very long hot summer, the temps finally cooled off.. and on Nov. 7th we woke to our first real freeze. The day before, I harvested more basil, potted up my geraniums and begonias from the garden, picked some fall lavender and pineapple sage blossoms, all in preparation for the next mornings frozen growth.

Climbing rose and toad lily needed to be brought in.

Geraniums now on the windowsill...
Can you see the shadow of the window screen on the blossom?
Looks like a gingham flower.
Snowy begonias.

My grandmother is a huge fan of African Violets, and has a very green thumb with respect to them and roses as well. I thought I would try and grow these.. they remind me of her. Now that I have lovely wide windowsills perfect for plants, of course. Not doing too badly with them these past 6 months.. but we shall see. They are very finicky!

Ready for winter, I think…


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