Advent is here – Living Life

I love blogging because I love going back and reading over the events of the year. However, there is only so much time in a day these days. However, thanks to those few who do stop by and read.

It is the beginning of Advent as I update this sticky post. A time of drawing in and preparing our homes to receive the Light – and around the world, this Light could be in many different forms. No matter what your beliefs are, I hope the Light is entering your home in some form, and bringing with it hope for peace and love in the New Year.

Links to old Advent discussions on here…


3 thoughts on “Advent is here – Living Life

  1. Hope you have a good year. Helen starts high school in 2 weeks. She (and I) are so nervous. I hope the adjustment to public school goes well.

  2. Hello! I don’t think I’ve seen your blog before (have I?) though your name is familiar to me from comments. It looks lovely! Thanks for your comment; I shall return.

  3. Thanks for the advent wreath advice. Next year I think I will have the twins help me make one. I love yours. I also love the little boy and bridge idea. Is that a popular tradition?

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