Crafty things…

Part of the rush of the season is that we have three boys, who have teachers that deserve a little something, and holiday gift exchanges to participate in. Somehow, all has to be fit in. The youngest and I enjoyed making some Borax Crystal ornaments – both for our windows and tree and for one of his gift exchange at school. They were to present their giftee with several days of small homemade items. One day was the snowflake ornament, one day was some edible cookies, and the first day was simply a lovely card.

This is an old Martha Stewart idea that I did with the older boys when they were young. The most important thing is to make sure they are not hung where young children might reach them. They do look a bit like rock candy, but should not be eaten of course

You start with pipe cleaners, folded to resemble snowflakes
The ornaments then hang in a solution of borax and water, where they sit for 8-12 hours.
We made some clear, and we made some with food coloring added to the water.
We thought the blue was the best color .. and we hung several in our windows.
Once removed, we left them to dry for a bit before hanging.
The youngest really enjoyed the project, and at age 10 was able to do most of it all by himself.

Here is a link for those who would like the complete instructions: Martha Snowflakes .



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