Holiday Greetings – Sticky post

The last week of the term is always tough. Teachers are tired. Parents are trying to help their kids catch up, bring up their grade, and are often frustrated. Students are cranky and over excited and in some cases, self-destructive… success is in sight, oh no… cannot let that happen. By Dec. 15th, we had all had enough, and we still had 2 days to go.

The heavens opened and it snowed and iced.. and the next 2 days were canceled. As much headache as that creates in the New Year, I think the entire town gave a collective sigh of relief. So the holiday started a bit early…wheee… and I was able to spend 2 days at home playing catch – up.

I cleaned and scrubbed and baked… we had guests arriving for a party on Saturday the 18th. And then the youngest woke in the night with a stomach bug.. so I mommyed him back to health as well. It was nice to be home with him, and not have to scramble to find a sub and get plans into the school… we were just free to make sure he was comfortable and happy. Reading Christmas books on the bed, wiping the brow with a cool cloth, and watching him sleep it off.. very nice and peaceful. He did enjoy BBC& children’s radio, streaming over the computer – Big Toe Books is a nice way to while away some rumbly tummy hours.

So, that is where we have been. I do have to go into work tomorrow. Our holiday party went off well.. and right as it started, more snow began to fall! It was festive and picturesque and a very enjoyable afternoon. And tonight we have an appointment to visit with Santa…Gifts are mostly wrapped, the house is clean, and we are home together for the next couple of weeks. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters. I am grateful to be so very blessed. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

December 18th snow - pond is frozen, several inches thick...

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