Yummy gifts…

A lot of baking has been going on during December. Lots of cookies – some made by me, some by my middle son, some by both of us together. Several batches of chocolate chip, some peppermint chip, some Nutella sea salt fudge, some cocoa and mint cookies, some gingerbread, some jam thumbprints. As always, there were way more cookies I would like to have made.. but having a freezer full of cookies to serve to all the company that drops by during December, and to give as gifts to teachers and Boy Scout leaders etc, is lovely.

We also did the annual fruit cake bake. Granny Cloud’s white fruitcake is lovely, even if you don’t like fruitcake in general. We make enough to eat and give and freeze so we can eat it well into the new year.

Batter being stirred...
Some of the fresh baked goods.
Middle son was concerned about cookie thieves.. wonder why?

Not everything was a huge success.. we had a failed gingerbread experiment. We tried to make tiny houses that would perch on cups of cocoa, as we saw here:  Tiny gingerbread However, although these do taste great.. somehow they really grew much bigger than they should have been. These are too big to fit on the curve of a cup. And I had trouble with my royal icing.. too thick I think. So getting the houses to stay together was a bit tricky. And I was feeling pressed for time, although it turned out I had 2 snow days when I could have taken all the time I wanted, but who was to know? After all, this is the south. We have had three snows so far.. many years, we have nothing! Have no fear though, we will eat these. And maybe next year try again.

The gingerbread fiasco...

Chimneys were fun..We made a lot

Note the size issue...

So, here are some links to things we have made that we found on the internet.. love the internet!


Cheese puffs for party – soooo yummy

Thumbprint cookies – a bit tricky to form, and even with a deep depression, ours rose a bit in the middle…


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