Happy New Year! Once again, the year has rolled around and I find myself

  • wondering how we got here again so fast
  • melancholy because we got here again so fast
  • pensive, hoping that some deep wisdom will find me and I will be able to make profound and meaningful changes in my life
  • amazed at my ability to always carry the hope that in the New Year I will be a better me than ever before.

I worry over setting goals and mapping out resolutions (Better eating, better fitness, more patient, more organized, more fun – less nagging, more spirituality, less waste of time , more creativity in the sewing/knitting/quilting arena) and thinking deep thoughts as the new year begins. The fact is, the past year has been good to us in many ways, and brought us some of our biggest challenges as parents, as a couple, and in my work life. My guess is, the new year won’t be much different. We will have highs and lows, and joys and sorrows. There will be at least one new marriage in the family, and I suspect some baby announcements at some point. There will continue to be a hole where my sister once was, and the loss of that bond will continue to be a sore spot. There will be worries over parents’ healths and grandmothers’ healths. (Not really sure if that is the way to punctuate that sentence.) But there will also be birds to watch and yoga and knitting and a man about the place that scratches my back each night as I fall asleep, and warm cups of tea provided each morning by said man or the youngest boy or the middle boy – I have so many lovely men in my life… We shall just have to buckle up and ride the ride -ups and downs and straight flat spaces. I prefer those flat stretches where things just move along – let’s hope there are lots of those.

The youngest will turn 11 this year. I truly have no small children anymore. The eldest will become an adult. The middle son will join me and brother at the high school. It will be a year where pants will be outgrown and shoes will need to be replaced. Colleges will be applied to and sports try outs will take place. Celebrations and disappointments.

So, I guess my hope for 2011 is that I will find the strength to travel this road with a bit of grace and dignity and wisdom. It is a big wish. I hope the Heavens are listening.

Happy New Year to one and all.. and hoping your wishes are granted this year as well!

Snowy hugs from my flock to yours!

2 thoughts on “MMXI

  1. Your feelings about the new year sound so much like mine! I always think I’m going to make my life different – and I’m 60 and you’d think I’d notice that I hadn’t done it yet!

    Best wishes to you and yours.

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