Ripple blanket

My first goal for 2011 knit-wise is to complete some WIPs, and increase my sock stash – and use up my yarn stash.

My second goal for 2011 in terms of spare time usage is to use my spare time very effectively – less messing about on the computer and sitting idly in front of the TV.

So, I started something new.

The beginning...

Okay, so this project is A) not knitting    B) is not using up stash and C) not a WIP – so it totally blows goal 1. But, it does fall under goal 2. This is an easy project that I can pick up and work at when I am tired at the end of a long day and really don’t want to work with lace or cables, which my current WIPS require. I have wanted to relearn crocheting for a while. I have a lot of crochet thread in my stash for various lace edging type projects, but it has been years since I did filet crochet or anything lacey. So I thought this would help me prepare, and then I can get to using up stash in goal one with some of my heirloom projects. I can crochet this while listening to boys read or waiting for them to work through a difficult math problem.. and I can pick it up even when I am tired.

The pattern is the Ripple pattern blanket by Attic 24. I will be marking progress on Ravelry as well.

I have a ripple style blanket that my grandmother made well before I was born. She gave it to me many years ago, but it is a bit fragile. I am not sure what type of yarn was used. It felt acrylic, but seems to have been eaten by moths. I am not really sure what to do about the current issues with the old blanket, but thought I could replace it with this newer version.

Nana's old ripple blanket
There is a lot of damage at the edge, and some holes throughout.
A different set of colors...

The new blanket will be made of acrylic yarn, which I never use anymore, but wanted something inexpensive and easy care, because I plan to really use this throw. It will also be a bit wider. We shall see how it goes.

Stay tuned!


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