Snow Days

I love snow days as a mother and as a human.

Small boy, enjoying the snow day. Middle son took this pic. No one wants to confess why. Just discovered on the camera.

But as a teacher, they come as a mixed blessing.

We have had an unusual winter for our area. Very cold, and already, much snow. We lost the last 2 days of school before the holiday due to snow and road conditions. That was okay with me. I was tired, ready to get holidaying, and we had 3 days built into the schedule for snow.

Well, then we had bigger snow during the holidays. Christmas Day and Boxing day were just so crisp and white and just right.

But now, snow means headaches for teachers. We have missed the last 2 days due to snow/ice  – not the fun kind. Just enough to make the roads slushy, and then freezing rain that made it icy, and then 20 degree temps that keep it from going away. I am all for snow if I can watch it fall and enjoy playing in it. This was not that kind of snow.

Another random small son photo...

It was also exam week. So instead of exams on Tuesday, we were home. Instead of exams on Wednesday, we were home. Who knows about tomorrow. If we get delayed opening, it will mean no exams and I will have to come up with more review material. If we get a full day at school, I will be giving my first exam to students I HOPE have studied. As mom of a 17 year old with exams, I know the past 2 days have been tough getting him to focus and concentrate on the study.

But it is what it is. And so, I have done some extra housework. Tidied some cupboards. And worked on my ripple blanket.

Since this picture, the final color has been added.. pistachio green. And I am currently starting round 2 with the orangy color. (Persimmon).


After all, must make the most of a snow day. Make hay when the sun shines, make ripple blankets when the ice falls.

One thought on “Snow Days

  1. We were home today too and it is exam prep week. These are Helens first ever exams and she needed to be in school doing review with teachers not home with me trying to figure it out. These exams are such a change from Waldorf.

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